About Us

The Company

We aim to deliver beautiful, timeless fashion that can be passed on from one generation to the next, while on the other hand, we commit to bring out the inner light that is composed, assured, rooted in joyful, loving spirit which stems from the base of the authentic-self.

The true inner light that connects to the physical being, just like music to the amplifier—- no matter how big, or how expensive, or how grand the amplifier comes, without music, it becomes futile.

High Sorority Couture’s Collections will serve as an amplifier to the happiness that is rooted deep with-in and our High Sorority Club and High Sorority Outlook will serve as a music to the depth of your inner being as you dance to this beautiful thing called LIFE.

We wish you love, happiness, compassion, wisdom and clarity, as you walk through life with grace, poise and purpose.

High Sorority Couture Representation

Heart symbolises LOVE, the highest vibrational emotion. As we carry our day to day lives, we spread love in all that we do, by this, High Sorority Couture supports you by bringing out that beautiful confidence in you as you go through life with love and in return embody flowing passion.
HS stands as High Sorority and as well as our Higher Selves
High Sorority is supporting women by providing quality, timeless fashion that brings out that beautiful goddess confidence in you.
While we face our days challenge, may we embody clarity, compassion and wisdom as we tap to our Higher Selves.
High Sorority and our Higher Selves go hand in hand in this journey.
The eye of Horus is an Egyptian symbol of royal power, protection, rejuvenation and good health. This symbol was popularly used by the ancient Egyptians as amulets. The eye of Horus represents our 6 senses; smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste and touch.
High Sorority honours your capability through your natural senses as we go through life intuitively with clarity and purpose.
Handshakes, symbolises our collective connection as we embody the best version of who we are as we touch other people’s lives and through this may we also bring out the best version of others.
High Sorority Couture supports women in their journey as we provide the best quality of fashion to bring out that beautiful confidence in you.
Love, compassion, clarity, grace, finesse and purpose are all our wishes for you.

We are more than just fashion; we bring out the bearing, the demeanour, the confidence as we tap to the higher self with all the tools we know.

Our Mission and Vision

With deep love, passion, vision and purpose.
We, the High Sorority aim to help women around the world reach their highest potential as they face the world with confidence, grace, finesse, poise and purpose.

Our love for fashion, our passion to create and our vision that can be passed on from one generation to the next with the sole purpose of providing quality fashion that holds its value and eternal class.

We bring out the goddess in You!

Because we believe all women deserve a crown. We incorporate High Sorority Signature logo in 92.5 silver dipped in 18karat gold on all our soft knitted classic elegant hats and headdresses.

This signature logo represents our connection towards the elements as each curve stands for earth, fire, water, air and our energy at the bottom of it all. The arrow tip represents our growth as we put all of these together.