Charity Foundation

Fashion With A Purpose: Supporting Sinag Kalinga

With every product purchased from our store, 10% goes to our chosen charities. One of the charity foundations High Sorority supports is Sinag Kalinga.

Sinag Kalinga is a DSWD-accredited non-government organization located in Lucban, Quezon. It was established to cater to the growing population of the neglected elderly within rural communities. It was started in 1995 by its co-founder, Hyacinth “Cindy” Oblea. The goal of the foundation is associated with its direct English translation, Sinag meaning “ray of light”, and Kalinga meaning “care”.

Sinag Kalinga carries out its services through volunteers in nearby communities. It also strives with the help of the local government, other businesses, and donations. We, High Sorority, want to be a part of the continuous growth of this organization, as it is also our mission to leave a mark and make a difference in the world. Our support for Sinag Kalinga is aligned with our goal to become a fashion brand with a higher purpose.

For more information about this organization, visit their Facebook page at