Divine Consciousness

Just a thought as to why do we resonate so much when we see rainbows, flowers, stars, moon, diamonds, birds and all that hold beauty in our perception?

Maybe because they are a reflection of who we are?
Our emerging authentic-selves deep seated underneath all?
Perhaps because we are “hue-mans” born in several vibrant colours?
Like stars, we carry light, and as we reflect, we glitter with different rainbow hues just like diamonds, and we become stronger as we are hardened by pressure?
And just like the moon, we hold the fullness in us while we undergo the different phases of life?
And maybe deep with-in us, we take hold that divine freedom, just like the birds as they soar high in the sky?
And yes, of course, the beautiful flower, maintaining its beauty and fragrance where ever it holds space.
High Sorority Couture reverberates with the beauty that you hold in your perception and we are looking forward to see you on Wednesday!