Ebb & Flow

As nature comes with its fascinating cyclical innate, we become aware of its ebb and flow; from the ocean tides, to moon’s phases, from appealing thoughts to something we adamantly block, from beautiful feelings and the next, scuffle of emotions.

In this mystifying rhythm, we flow as we become an observer of all recurring changes while we see beyond what is being presented, just as we take lessons that are introduce in each cycle, we learn each one for our own’s souls beautiful evolution.

How to keep the upbeat of cyclical change, here are some few tips:

  1. Write down what you’re a grateful for  everyday (what is in-front of you)
  2. Unfold your natural senses by being in the present.
  3. Starve your addiction (sugar, tv binge, alcohol, social media, etc)
  4. Immerse in the readily available beauty that surrounds you. (Trees, Sky, Sunset, Mountains, Ocean) and go for nature bath.
  5. Read soul captivating books that align with your mind and spirit.
  6. Move your body (work-out, play sports, run, dance)
  7. More water intake. Drink. Drink and Drink
  8. Learn and grow by confronting all your emotions.

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