Mastery of Self

Self-love comes with Self-Mastery.

Daunting it may sound, yet, part of self-love is deeply knowing thyself— of knowing who you are, of what you want and of how you show-up to world— like a poetry, you are a sublime expression of your truest self.

One practice of self-mastery, is mastering all surfaced emotions — these may seem favourable or unfavourable in a given time but these emotions rise to only be traversed for fair and for favourable outcome JUST for you.

What do I do when certain subtle or unsubtle emotions come up? (This can go from mild to wild.)

I ask myself these 3 simple questions:
(We can dive deeper later on)

1. What am I feeling? (Sad, anxious, angry, frustrated, victim, afraid, frightened etc)
2. Why am I feeling this way? (If you find yourself justifying your feelings with the external— ask yourself again. The reason? Only you have the power to control how you feel, so find the answer internally, what triggers you and why?)
3. Is this emotion necessary? What good does it do to my certain state? (The answer often comes as a no and none—- sometimes the ego find several answers for it to be alive. While we expose the ego and not shell or defend it, it dies in its natural death)

I promise, you’ll feel better.

Let’s do this as our happy habit practice ladies.
Finding opportunity in every unfavourable emotion by feeling deeply for it to heal and not rise again.