Vegan Luna Bag


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The beauty and the enchanting presence of the moon orbiting the earth brings soft, feminine energy while it glows peacefully through the magic of the night.

May our High Sorority Luna bag, inspired by the captivating and exquisite presence of the moon, bring magic, elegance and versatility into your daily life.

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Bag Dimensions:

  • Height: 12cm
  • Length: 16.5cm
  • Width: 7cm
  • Short handle: 10cm
  • Long handle: 44cm

Coin Purse Dimensions:

  • Coin purse circumference: 6cm
  • Width: 2cm
  • Coin purse belt: length: 26.5cm
  • Fits and adjustable wrist size:
  • 5cm- 8cm in circumference.

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Black, Purple

2 reviews for Vegan Luna Bag

  1. Sophia

    You need a little dummy text for your mockup? Artisan small batch green juice.

  2. Ari

    “A lamp with personality” is how Perimeter Table Lamp has been described. I find that floor lamps are often big and dominant.

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Vegan Luna Bag

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