The divinity in you I see, in grace and in perfect time we will all come to be, like flashes of light that we all hold inside, we will light this beautiful space with love, hope, and harmony

The world is made with full essence of love.

The perception changes as the human conditioning, passed on beliefs, patterns set in while these have been embedded in our blueprint for eons and for thousands of years, these birthed to fear, and consequently, control— the credence of scarcity that somehow breeds greed and contempt.

To vibrate in the realm of love is to understand that all is love.
Every fiber in our being, every cell in our body, every breath we take, every energy surrounding us, every pain, every happiness come with the core essence of love and therefore is love.
When we open our eyes and see the world with endless compassion, with deep understanding, with flowing kindness, we vibrate in this essence where no fear exist, just a beautiful energy glowing in its existential capacity— to thrive and to be free.

High Sorority believes that poetry is one out of the many forms of mental healing and self-discovery as we dive into the mind connecting to the heart while our spirit dance to the enchanting music of our words.

We aim to deliver beautiful, timeless fashion that can be passed on from one generation to the next, while on the other hand, we commit to bring out the inner light that is composed, assured, rooted in joyful, loving spirit which stems from the base of the authentic-self.

The true inner light that connects to the physical being, just like music to the amplifier—- no matter how big, or how expensive, or how grand the amplifier comes, without music, it becomes futile.

We are more than just fashion, we bring out the inner light, inner strength as we walk with you in this beautiful thing called life.