The evolution of our soul comes in every moment, in every thought and in every emotion as we dance to the enchanting wild and the serene sacred of life

The beauty of life lies deep within us, of the reality we create consciously, in the awareness of our beautiful innate spectrum that blooms in the totality of who we are; from our wild form to our sacred authenticity where we thoroughly experience the wholeness of life as everything comes alive.

The warmth and the smell of the coffee.
The soothing sound of the rain.
That interesting book you’ve longed to get your hands on.
The radiant flow of you body as you move.
Wearing that silk flowing dress at home— just because.
Your overflowing love to anything and to everything.
And on the other hand,
the quiet anxiety that holds a tender grip in your heart while you sense deeply and beautifully that you are alive enough to feel.
The uneasiness of constraint as you calmly grasp for strength and discover the courage you hold inside.
The subtle discomfort amplified by brooding doubt where you learn faith and grace that you are divinely loved.

When all range of senses and emotions set-in, we step into the wholeness of our being while we expand to the holy portals of new understanding, and as we unveil the vibrance of our light, we discover the wisdom of our dark as we dance to this beautiful journey we call life.