To see beauty in its intensity, one must understand and accept all forns and spectrums

I woke up to a realisation that I was stuck in certain beliefs based on what was identified as the so-called “right” and what was deemed “wrong.”

“Right” often equates to the belief/s of the majority’s frame of identification and often, anything outside of this frame is deemed “wrong.”

When the cloud of identification slowly creeps in, I loose touch of my inner truth— the truth that is rooted from the core-value of my spirit— the truth that truly ignites and sets my soul free.

This truth comes with full ACCEPTANCE and UNDERSTANDING that I am the vibrant glowing light and the depth of the dark and everything in full beautiful spectrums (WE ALL ARE) and these are all in the same space, and in different scales.

Both light and dark are interconnected, and the connection there is, is that the light needs to emerge from the dark where it can truly, beautifully and thoroughly shine, as we take hold of it as our natural set-point.

The blending and the connecting as one, is where true intensity lies.

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