Finding Pockets of Happiness.

I made it a habit every morning to watch everything as if I’m seeing it all for the first time— with awe, wonder and amazement.

Of the clouds carrying out its heavenly vibes, the grass simply holding the ground and yet full of life and the tiny flowers accompanying the grass while the ants frolicking as they go by.

It somehow anchors the frequency as I go through my day— a light frequency of acceptance, knowing that all is put exactly where they’re meant to be for a beautiful reason.

Today, I walk around barefoot while I ground myself to Mother Earth, holding her centred as I go through the day.

My silk outfit is my altered PJs where I get inspiration for High Sorority Couture travel outfit.

I always dream of travelling in my super comfortable Pyjamas as I hop from one airport to another without sending the “where-is-the-bed?” vibe and just pure comfort and elegance. Let’s pull it off.