Heightened Awareness

Few months ago, this scenery and I had an interlacing relationship mainly in the morning.

I would usually sit in this brown beach chair, in a state of no-thought or with an interesting book, but mostly I lean towards almost zero thought and predominant senses.

As I feel the sun gently touches my face, the breeze making its presence felt, while the tree sways along with it, followed by the birds chirping, playing on its branches,
simultaneously, the sound of the wave softly breaks on the shore, its calming, almost a lullaby, together with the beautiful blue sky adorned by heavenly white clouds and a couple of flying graceful egrets, all saying, it’s going to be a wonderful day.

All happened in a moment of no-thought, only awareness with heightened senses that put me in total beautiful present time where wonderful emotions happened.

Try it today!

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