The Eyes of Compassionate Observer

The many things I love to do at night, is to sit by the fire and read an interesting book or to sketch and sketch.

Sketching this pretty full of heart 100% silk fabric, brings me back to a nostalgic teenage time when spending Valentine dinner with parents is as exciting as a kid watching princess cartoons— it truly sparks the teen’s inner excitement and imagination.

As I would wear my own full of hearts dress, (sewn and prepared 3 days prior), all dolled up in the dining of a plaza hotel (happy, secure and full of self-love).

I would watch the adults, swoon with love and beaming happiness.

A teenager, giggled with excitement, I would feel the intensity of everyone’s love in the air, an emotion so strong, with full capacity to pull anyone from any situation, brings about exhilaration to the spirit,
—- a breather to life’s somehow subtle discontentment.

A candid glimpse that truly fills up the heart as it over flows to just every. single. one.

Love that is unconditional, is one of the most beautiful emotions ever bestowed, it is when we can sit back with high spirit and see everything as beautiful (both happiness and challenges) in the eyes of a compassionate observer—- as this is what life and love is all about.