Total Presence

The beauty of the morning breeze as it calms the soul while we step out into the untold story of the new day.

I always try to find little pockets of happiness everywhere before I step into the world as I tap into my centre, moving onwards with grace, ease and lightness.
I find myself sitting in certain spot as I watch the city horizon coming to life, focusing on the positive of what the day can bring.
Nothing extraordinary; may it be a simple smile to someone, or a happy disposition that uplifts the spirit, or perhaps a deeper compassion and an attentive heart to those who may come needing.
To effectively do this, one must necessarily have a full cup and this comes with full self-love.
One of Self-love practices come in appreciating everything in total presence.
The bristles of the brush as it runs through the hair, the scent of the balm as it glides on the lips, that soft colourful carpet, that beautiful sky, that pretty plant, the smell of the morning coffee, that crisp in the air, that butterfly as it lands from one flower to another.
Full total presence to any and every little thing truly uplifts the spirit.

Try it today.