High Sorority Couture Celebrates Full Harvest Moon.

(I can’t resist to share some full moon rituals to all of you.)

Tonight’s full moon is about finding wisdom and comfort in the dark.

Hecate, a Greek goddess of moon signifies magic that the shadow initiates — a wisdom so empowering that can only be truly understood in the dark where the vibrant light can thoroughly shine.

Hecate is often pictured holding keys (as I put my car key here. to unlock the wisdom of the depths of the self while crossing between the earthly plane to the spiritual realms.

May this full moon brings love, compassion, wisdom, clarity and understanding as these are the essence of true power.

Happy Fullmoon.

High Sorority Couture basks some of our crystals with feather (represents air), shell (represents water), sage (represents earth) and to light it (represents fire) while we embody the grace and ease that the moon offers.