High Sorority Couture Celebrates Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Tonight’s full moon and lunar eclipse is about the depths of our emotion as we connect to the mystical wisdom of the element.

Water, a soul symbolic of moon carries wisdom, while bridging the energy that is within and without as it influences the spirit with its mystifying divine nature.

While we submerge ourselves in our baths as we channel the energy of water, let us envision an ocean, a flowing stream or waterfalls.

Sprinkle some sea salt, or use bath wash with scents of your choice, perhaps lavender, rose petals, orange blossom or what feels comforting to you.

Softly whisper:

“The Spirit in me resonates with the sea. I am a body of water, I am formless, I flow, and so shall I be”.

May all unwanted emotions surfaced and flow out of our body as we start this beautiful cycle with love, wisdom and compassion.