High Sorority Couture Celebrates Samhain

High Sorority Couture Celebrates Samhain.
Happy Full Blue Moon in Taurus and Happy Halloween.

Tonight’s full moon is about grounding wisdom of the stones and bones as we embody the enchanting-self while we step into the magical veil of the unknown.

May we cast enchantment into our mystic souls and send forth the power as we carry ourselves whole.

(repeat as you wish)

“Step into the dark unknown, with sparkles in the soul and passion in the heart, and let the magic of light be shown.”

May we embody love, wisdom, compassion and clarity as this magical veil reveals its beauty.


Picture is how I prepare for my full moon ritual after a Halloween party, reading magical books.
(I’m not sure if I’m a fairy, a goddess, a Wiccan.. I guess an infusion

Full moon tips:
1. Write down things that you need to let go of— unnecessary emotions, behaviours and patterns, burn it if you must.
2. Write down feelings that you need to embody as we shift while the days get shorter and the nights longer— confidence, compassion, purity in intentions with every actions.
3. Drink tea/ warm water or anything that calms your soul as you bask under the full moon light.
4. Meditate
5. Pray to God (however you may conceived him to be), to the ancestors, deceased loved ones, guardian angels, spirit guides for protection, guidance, wisdom, abundance and grace.